Forex Steam Review and Guide

If you are a reader of Forex Robot Nation you have definitely heard about the Forex steam robot.

While I’ve already covered some of the potential of Forex steam today I’m going to dive a little deeper, telling you my story and my techniques.

My Forex Steam & Forex Robot Background

I’ve been using automated Forex robot software for over four years. I’m talking about the first-generation systems that are not even sold anymore like Forex circles that had months of great success and led me to believe in the benefits of Forex robots.

I knew I had something here but I wasn’t exactly sure how I could benefit from it substantially.

There are so many different Forex techniques if they could all be put together properly in an automated software it would surely provide me with the trading results I was looking for.

2017 Update

A lot has changed since the last time I’ve written about Steam here. While a lot has changed since I’ve written in this blog, the majority of the information is still extremely relevant. Obviously, version 9 came out and with it came a bunch of new features, but there is one consistency that needs to be realized, winning.

Forex Steam continues to WIN, and really that’s all that matters.

If you have any new questions about Steam, feel free to ask. I’ve updated some of the images here, but I don’t want to do too much because the fact that this system is still around and I created this site in 2013 speaks volumes!

houston we have a problemBut There Were Always Problems

With the early software that I used I always had fleeting victories. This means that I would generally win a lot and lose a lot. It was obvious to me that there was great potential here but actually finding a system that use the right methods was going to be difficult.

When I first started there really wasn’t a website available like Forex robot nation to help traders like myself so I had to try everything under the sun. I knew exactly what I wanted out of the Forex robot and I made a list.

The Best Robot Would:

  1. Use a Low Risk Strategy
  2. Have a High Winning Percentage
  3. Provide Free Regular Updates

The New Generation of Forex Robots

Right now there is only one system that provides these elements effectively in my opinion. This would be Forex steam, the light version in particular.

While I use other tools from time to time Forex steam is the only software that I will run year round.

Forex Steam Members Area

Members area

Things I like About Forex Steam

  1. The Support Team
  2. The Excellent Strategy
  3. The Various Updates (Especially the news and holiday filters)
  4. The Results

For me, it’s easy to use – the installation process and members area videos really make it simple to download the latest version and get acquainted with how it works.

I’m a really big supporter of their members area videos in specific. If you ever set up an automated Forex robot then you’re probably thinking it’s going to be a really difficult process. Luckily, if you just follow the video step-by-step you could be installed in under 15 minutes.

The best part about this is that if you can’t install it a Forex steam support member will connect to your computer and do it for you for free.

The Mistake Traders Always Make

Don’t go live right away.

Take some time to trade on demo first so that you understand the software and have a comfort level with it for when you go to trade live.

Trading Results With Steam

It is always a good idea to take a look at a real trading account so you know how an automated system works. Here you can see an account by the team at Forex robot nation. An independent reviewer of the Forex steam software.

Test Results

Clickable Trading Results

Here we can see a very modest account opening at $1000 quickly growing without risking very much of the capital. Forex steam is able to do this because of multiple features that safeguard your trading account. Here are some features that are also explained in the official Forex steam installation guide, I uploaded it here. There is also a Forex Steam 7 Video with more information on some of the new features.

  • Pip Retrace – this is a function that acts as a secondary stoploss. If the software reaches 40 pips and decides that the trade will not recover it will find a way to take a much smaller loss and save the account.
  • Holiday Filter – the holiday filter was included in the last free update which automatically blocks trades on bank holidays which are historically erratic days where Forex steam has had difficulties.
  • News Filter – the news filter is like the holiday filter but it watches high impact news events using the Forex factory calendar to avoid erratic periods during that day.

Getting Started

I hope that some of the information I provided for you here today about Forex steam will help you get started in winning with a truly great Forex robot.

Buy it today.

Download Forex Steam

Forex Steam Settings and Coupon Updates

I’ve been getting a lot of Forex Steam fan mail! Well, more like give me a coupon mail, but none the less, ask and you shall receive.

Today I’ll give you some updates on what settings I’m using and what active coupon is best to use. So buckle your seat belts and get ready fr some knowledge.

Okay, that was cheesy but you know what I mean.

Forex Steam Settings

Right now I am testing Steam settings quite actively. I am using hedge on one account, trailing stop on another. Both of these accounts are doing pretty well but my test has only been for 2 weeks.

For my main account I am running defaults with a couple changes.

I have a TP of 9 and an SL of 91. You look at this and probably thing that’s not much of a difference but I feel more comfortable with this. Maybe I’m just over cautious but I feel like this gives me an edge if the broker is hunting for the Forex Steam settings stop loss or take profit.

For hedging and trailing stop advice watch the video Forex Robot Nation did. They talk all about the new settings in the version 6 video they did. It was really helpful for me.

The Video

So I’ll leave it there, all done. OH WAIT, you wanted a coupon?

Forex Steam Coupon

couponIf I give you the coupon then what do I get in return HUH?

I’m using a coupon from Forex Robot Nation so support them if you are going to use it.

The coupon is here:

Forex Steam 10% Coupon: FRN-8WX3-FRN

Now, don’t go use it all in one place! I’m going to make some more posts so don’t think your done with me yet.

There are a few more setting changes that I want to test and I also want to go over my full journey. I’ve made quite a bit from Steam so far so I am definitely willing to share these experiences.

I will give you a month by month to show you how much I’ve earned and what type of strategies I’ve used alongside Forex Steam to get the results that everybody is looking for. My main focus right now is on steam light so if you are a steam normal fan you can still read this but make sure that you don’t mix it up when I’m going over my strategies.

I wouldn’t want you testing a strategy on the wrong system and get yourself into trouble.

Anyways guys, pleasure doing business with you all as usual! Keep reading and keep showing me love :). Also, Forex Steam version 7 is out, but I’m sure you already know that by the cool picture I used on this post. Okay, I’ll leave you alone now.

This is Kind of Fun

I plan on getting to my review soon enough but I’m just having fun putting this site together and hopefully by reading some of these posts you get to know me.

This isn’t going to be some promotional blog for Forex Steam it is just going to be my opinion, my successes and my failures. I do not plan on getting affiliate commissions from this blog.

You can trust that I have your best interest at heart.

The Goal

Teach others how how to use Steam the way that I use it. Use the blog as motivation to tweak steam settings more and make it even better than it already is.

I may use this blog to try and keep some of my other goals in line as well.

I’ve been trying to put on some muscle recently doing some powerlifting exercises.

So now that you know that I’m going to get back to trading and trying to figure out how this website works!

Welcome to the Blog

Hey guys, launching the blog today. Here I will cover my story with Steam and other important trading information.

Not really much of a web site guy so I’m still figuring a lot of this stuff out.

If the blog looks weird or doesn’t work right don’t blame me!

Every time that I do something on here I ask myself, did I do that?

Well, enjoy, much more to come soon.