Forex Steam in 2020 (V10 + Settings)

If you are a Forex pro, you must have heard about the Forex Steam automated robot. Well, if you haven’t used it yet and neither are aware of what it is; I am about to share all the amazing details and settings for this proven robot. It has been quite some time since I have […]

Forex Steam Winning in New Ways

I am happy to say that Forex Steam is continuing to perform on all of my accounts. I am even happier to say that the Steam team is continuing to provide new updates and approaches to their trading strategy. This robot has had a major impact on my life, which is why I contribute to […]

Forex Steam in 2019

After 8 years, it’s hard to believe that Forex Steam is still around, but it is, and it’s better than ever. While most other robots have faded into the sunset, or blew too many accounts and got thrown out of the market, Steam has sustained success. The difference between Steam and other developers is clear […]

Forex Steam Review and Guide

If you are a reader of Forex Robot Nation you have definitely heard about the Forex steam robot. While I’ve already covered some of the potential of Forex steam today I’m going to dive a little deeper, telling you my story and my techniques. My Forex Steam & Forex Robot Background I’ve been using automated […]

Forex Steam Settings and Coupon Updates

I’ve been getting a lot of Forex Steam fan mail! Well, more like give me a coupon mail, but none the less, ask and you shall receive. Today I’ll give you some updates on what settings I’m using and what active coupon is best to use. So buckle your seat belts and get ready fr […]

This is Kind of Fun

I plan on getting to my review soon enough but I’m just having fun putting this site together and hopefully by reading some of these posts you get to know me. This isn’t going to be some promotional blog for Forex Steam it is just going to be my opinion, my successes and my failures. […]

Welcome to the Blog

Hey guys, launching the blog today. Here I will cover my story with Steam and other important trading information. Not really much of a web site guy so I’m still figuring a lot of this stuff out. If the blog looks weird or doesn’t work right don’t blame me! Every time that I do something […]