Forex Steam Black Friday

Well, as many online shoppers know, Black Friday is just around the corner, which is why I’m writing this article today to let you know about the Forex Steam coupon availability.

It’s been over 10 years and the price of Steam has never budged from $117.99. This is incredible, given that many robots of lesser reputation and ability cost upwards of $300+.

In my recent discussions with Paul from Forex Steam support I asked what potential new clients can expect in terms of discounts, and now I have the full scoop to provide to you, the reader of

Black Friday at Forex Steam

I actually have really good news to report, because the developers of Forex Steam have actually already launched their coupon. Normally I would tease this information and force you to read a long article about how much I love this robot, but today I’ll give to you up front.

Coupon: Steam10

This coupon will give you 10% off the normal price and bring the price of Steam down to just over $100. If that’s not affordable for you, then you just aren’t ready for trading yet, which is fine, it’s not for everyone.

Current Performance

Times were a bit difficult during the US election, and I found myself turning Steam off on a few occasions. The increased market volatility was making it a difficult time for anyone to trade, especially automated robots. Luckily, the Forex Steam team posted on all their socials providing multiple updates telling us to stop trading to avoid any losses.

This is exactly what we expect to see from a robot vendor. If you aren’t seeing these messages, then make sure you are following Steam on Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn. All three of these accounts are updated multiple times a week with helpful information, and some advertising.

That being said, I’ve been able to work my way through the volatility and win almost all my trades during this time. I only suffered a single -20 pip loss, while winning 11 trades for +110 pips in gains.

forex steam current performance

In the image above you can see the recent results I’ve had with Forex Steam. This is the type of consistency I’ve seen with this robot for many years, and it’s why I rely on it heavily to contribute to my passive income sources.

Enjoy Trading

I hope that the coupon I just provided you helps you achieve your goals with Forex Steam. This is a very special expert advisor with the ability to take you to a new level of performance.

There are no guarantees when it comes to automated trading, but you aren’t going to get much closer than Steam. There are many different ways to use it, and as long as you are always testing new approaches, you will find a lot of success. It is a very fun tool to use and work with because it’s not only easy to operate, but the support team is very helpful too.

When starting out, my advice is to start simple. Don’t rush into too many settings changes. Just throw it on the charts with the defaults, maybe lower the max spread setting a little bit closer to your actual spread to avoid unnecessary volatility and watch the wins pour in.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if the Forex Steam Black Friday deal works for you, or doesn’t.