Forex Steam in 2020 (V10 + Settings)

If you are a Forex pro, you must have heard about the Forex Steam automated robot. Well, if you haven’t used it yet and neither are aware of what it is; I am about to share all the amazing details and settings for this proven robot. It has been quite some time since I have been incorporating the efficiency of trade via Forex robots. I am well aware of how saturated the forex and binary options market is when it comes to myriad trading software and robots, yet Forex Steam is one of the very few legitimate, efficient and promising robots. Without further ado, here’s all you need to know about Forex Steam…

Forex Steam Introduction:

Forex Steam is an efficient and absolutely automated trading solution for the forex marketplace. The robot owners share a proud experience of 25 great years and have been trusted by 4000+ clients, which speaks for the authority they hold in the marketplace. Adding to all this credible profile, their team has formulated a minimal risk and substantial growth solution for the potential traders. The company is also very candid when it comes to sharing about how they acquired a position of authority in their market segment.

The team displayed on ForexSteam website consists of four leading members; Paul Demonde, Dimitri Kozlov, Julie Zhang, and Allan Brisebois. The company exercises transparency in sharing who the team members are, their experience and skills. They are also very accessible and as a user, I have never experienced a delay in having a response from them. They can be reached via email: [email protected], or physical address: 5651 Emerald Pl, Richmond, BC, V7C 5E3. Forex Steam comes out as very upfront and as a company with confidence to share enough.

Forex Steam Review:

One of the most reliable and efficient automated forex trading software, forex steam comes packed with solutions to have your trade journey turn into a success. One of the reasons for the success of this software is that they have frequently updated it and the latest version in the series of updates happens to be Forex Steam V10. Since forex trade is dynamic, a software that helps you stay top of your game needs to be dynamic as well and Forex Steam has stayed up to its promise by consistently updating and improving the system.

With One-time payment for this automated forex trading bot, you get to have lifetime access with unlimited support and all their upcoming updates that have always been packed with features. Moreover, the software is very customizable to befit unique trading needs, you get to enjoy four licenses and installation and other helpful guiding material is all for free.

An Overview of Forex Steam V10 Features:

Forex Steam users and fans have been looking forward to another updated version and V10 is finally available for us all to enjoy! Seriously, it is that good! The installation process is pretty simple for existing members through the dedicated members’ area.

One of the first significant updates that V10 has brought is that Forex Steam is now very compatible with MT5 and MT4, both. I can only imagine what a tough task this must have been for the team’s developers given the fact that it would have involved extensive coding. Another great feature is the addition of ‘max-spread’ that makes the Forex Steam strategy all the more efficient. With the max-spread feature, I am now able to observe a dynamic spread that is very responsive to the market fluctuations throughout the day and it helps to avoid unfavorable market conditions. However, it is important to keep an eye on the spread throughout the day to have an idea of the average direction and be mindful to set it at a suitable level. Setting the spread too low may have you end up with very few trade options.

The team has also removed news filters as they deemed it as a redundant feature getting in the way of ensuring wins. In addition to all these features, the team has promised to incorporate significant market updates that are because of the dedicated work by their analysts. It’s incredible that their team of analysts and experts invest time and skills into forecasting the direction of every pair. This way it helps to highlight better opportunities for trade and avoid unfavorable market trends.


  • Price: $117.99 (one time with unlimited benefits for a lifetime usage)
  • Profitability: 5-10% consistent increase
  • Trading Results: Verified
  • Market Standing: 10 years
  • Overall Customer Reviews: Positive

Trading Results:

Forex Steam showcases about 1162 trading results verified by trusted sources (, while there are an additional 362 results by independent sellers. The company provides transparent proof of all the trade happening because of its automated software.

Client Feedback:

The client feedback for Forex Steam has been as positive as the amazing experience that I have had as a user! I would say developers of Forex Steam are rather modest in showcasing how absolutely they are being adored by the forex traders who have been reaping Forex Steam profitable trades. You would find a bunch of testimonials on their website and you may check the reviews on TrustPilot site where the software has attracted noticeable positive traction from its users.

One of the users of Forex-Steam shares on TrustPilot, “Everything you want as a beginner in the Forex market. The Steam team is very friendly and helpful. I’m now winning trades 3 months into usage, and feeling very confident about the future.”

Another user (Lyngji) writes… “The most important reason is the program is obviously good at winning trades. I find that the system also helps me grow as a trader because I monitor the markets and test different strategies. Time-restricted is my favorite right now, and it’s very profitable with low-risk trading the asian session.”


What I love most about Forest Steam is the impeccable strategy, their cooperative support team, frequent and timely updates and the very fact that they deliver the results that have been promised. For me, it is also about the easy to use interface, simple installation process, and the amazing support and resources.

I can go on and on about how in love I am with this efficient Forex bot, but it would suffice to say that a trading software power-packed with features, unlimited customer support, customizability and access to all future versions…only for a one-time minimum investment is one amazing deal. I would highly recommend Forex Steam if you are considering making a big leap towards success in your trading business.

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