Forex Steam Winning in New Ways

I am happy to say that Forex Steam is continuing to perform on all of my accounts. I am even happier to say that the Steam team is continuing to provide new updates and approaches to their trading strategy.

This robot has had a major impact on my life, which is why I contribute to this blog from time to time. I hope that in reading this blog you see that the Steam software is truly one that can help you, by providing a simple and seamless passive income.

You will get out what you put in to this powerful system. If you are lazy, you will not succeed.

New Forex Steam Video

FRN released a new Steam video, showing the robot in action, and giving a brief explanation of what you can expect from it. See it here:

Is Forex Steam For Everyone?

If you want passive income, then Forex Steam is a great option for you. I won’t say that it’s perfect, but for under $120, it’s as close as you are going to get.

There are some cases and some people that I DON’T recommend Steam to. I do not recommend Steam to the following types of people:

  • People who are impatient
  • People who want to get rich in a week
  • People that are quick to give up
  • People who are frustrated easily

If you identify as one of these people, then I don’t recommend Steam to you. In fact, if you are one of these types of people, then I don’t recommend automated trading to you at all.

You should simply find something else to do, and leave the money making to us.

How to Use Forex Steam?

There are many ways to use Forex Steam properly, this is my approach, and my main recommendation for new clients.

When you sign up, you get 4 licenses, these can be used on demo or live accounts. To start, take all 4 of these accounts, and run them on demo accounts. You need to learn how to walk before you can run, don’t start on live.

Then, you will want to take the latest version, Forex Steam Light V9, and you will want to set it up in 4 different ways on 4 different accounts:

  1. Set it up on default settings on EURUSD
  2. Set it up on default settings on a pair of your choosing
  3. Set it up on time restricted settings on 2-3 pairs
  4. Set it up on time restricted settings another 2-3 pairs

If you don’t know what time restricted is, read the time restricted strategy blog post by Forex Steam here.

Now, after each of these accounts is setup, check back in about a week to make sure they are trading and running properly. Then, once you see that they are, let them run for 1-2 months.

Now, after 1-2 months, come back and analyze each of the accounts. Find which account you like the most, and move it to a live account with real funds.

In your analysis you can also swap in and out pairs / different settings as you see fit. Then, keep the 3 demo accounts running and the 1 live account running. If the live account ever has any trouble, or one of the other demo accounts starts to perform better than the live, you can swap it in.


Today I provided you with a very simple approach to guarantee income with the Forex Steam system. The software brings in around 50-60 pips a week with a very low risk approach, and has been on the market nearly 10 years.

I trust the software, and you should to.

Download Forex Steam